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I came across a very professional and good-looking website of, an online medicine provider from Canada. This pharmacy intends to provide accessible meds safely and steadily to many consumers around the globe. The Canadian Pharmacy has been dispensing such medicines since 2003, always delivering low-cost and high-quality products to those in need.

When going through The Canadian Pharmacy medication list, I realized I’m able to obtain prescription drugs such as Norvasc, Propecia, Singulair, and Celebrex, as well as over the counter meds. As for male potency related meds, The Canadian Pharmacy is able to supply both generic and brand-name Viagra after submitting a valid prescription. Generic Sildenafil (100 mg) is sold by $56.94 per box of 4 tablets, whereas Pfizer’s Viagra is available at $85.16 for a 4-pills box. I can choose between three different tablet strengths: 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg.

This Winnipeg-based pharmacy accepts as payment method personal checks, American Express credit cards, and international money orders. I always have to pay an extra fee of $15 for shipping. My meds are expected to arrive between 7-14 days after leaving the warehouse. However, prescription orders and refills might take up to 14 days to be processed in The Canadian Pharmacy’ system.

The pharmacy is a member of the MIPA and Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), thus its criteria are compliant with the FDA standards. is licensed and all meds are produced by licensed manufacturers. Based on the Canadian Health regulations, meds cannot be returned, therefore The Canadian Pharmacy does not provide a refund policy.

The store is easily reachable by toll-free phone (1-866-335-8064) or by a live chat. The live chat is only available during normal working hours. After these, consumers can send a message using the same chat but will have to wait for an e-mail reply. Reviews

Although the pharmacy looks promising, I have to verify its legitimacy by reliable and confirmed reviews from previous customers. Checking what other consumers experienced when dealing with the pharmacy is the only way to truly ascertain its reputation.

I can’t say that I’m swimming in a pool of reviews concerning I was able to gather only one review from a consumer who purchased meds in 2007. Reviewer10040 accuses The Canadian Pharmacy of losing his prescriptions after sending them the document. After discussing with the store’s customer support, nothing was fixed and this user had to “schedule a new appointment” with this doctor to get a new prescription. The consumer advises not to trust these “incompetents” with our prescriptions.

Losing such an important document is a major operational failure. I hope the situation was resolved and no other consumer will experience this ever again. I am very disappointed with The Canadian Pharmacy and I’m starting to doubt if I will ever order my meds from here. Testimonial Testimonial Reviews 2016

I performed a small security check on and discovered that is an unapproved online pharmacy. According to Legit Script, The Canadian Pharmacy is not meeting the necessary requirements to be an approved e-pharmacy. Being unapproved usually means I will get my meds but the products may not be as efficient as expected. Clearly, the pharmacy has some issues and I’m not going to risk and potentially harm my health. I want to order only approved and safe meds that have little or no side effects on my metabolism. The information given by Legit Script is in disagreement to what was claimed by The Canadian Pharmacy – the veracity of the certified membership of CIPA is compromised. Is an Unapproved Internet Pharmacy Is an Unapproved Internet Pharmacy

Just to be safe, I did another scam analysis check on a distinct website. The combination of both results didn’t make me happy and only increased my worries. Scam Adviser detected the pharmacy’s domain to be from Canada, but the real location of the store is being hidden. Moreover, the security stats suggest that The Canadian Pharmacy has been considered a threat site and a dangerous one to buy from. Buyers are advised to proceed with caution. Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed Coupon Codes

One of the oldest marketing tricks in the market is the use of discounts and coupon codes to attract more clients. I verified which benefits is offering its clients as a way to save more money in each order. The store is offering a $25 coupon for those who refer the site to friends and family. After a referred person purchases something, I will get those $25 off on my second purchase. The store allows me to use this as many times as I want, as long as I refer different people.

Although it’s a nice touch, it is still not enough since I’m dependent on other people’s purchases. More individualist discounts would make The Canadian Pharmacy more interesting. Referral Program Referral Program


The available information regarding reputation is too confusing. Moreover, I don’t have enough information to guarantee this pharmacy’s trustworthiness. There are too many risk factors in play with The Canadian Pharmacy so I rather be safe than sorry.

Whilst the pharmacy’s website and profile look good when I first saw it, after a more profound evaluation I must say that The Canadian Pharmacy is not the place to go. It’s an unapproved e-pharmacy which claims to be licensed and that has serious problems handling sensible data, such as a prescription. Having only very few reviews for a company who’s been operating for the past 15 years makes me feel that something is not right. Moreover, scam analyzing tools seem to be in agreement with me. I’m suggesting my readers look for a more professional store as only gets a 2/5.

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