Review – Best Voted Online Pharmacy that Needs Revamp Main Page Main Page is an online pharmacy voted as number 1 pharmacy in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. The pharmacy only sells generic medicines. All products are manufactured from India and they are duly licensed and approved by the Indian FDA. The catalog offers a wide variety of prescription medicines including drugs for erectile dysfunction and men’s health, antibiotics, blood pressure lowering agents, pain relievers, skin care products, antiviral, cholesterol lowering drugs, anti-depressants, anti-acidity, party pills, birth control pills, weight loss supplements, and smoking cessation aids. The prices of their products are competitive. In fact, one tablet of the generic Sildenafil only costs $1.05 USD. They do not require a valid prescription upon ordering. However, they expect customers to seek the advice of a physician before placing an order in their pharmacy. It is important to get medical advice especially if you have been taking prior maintenance medications or have an underlying medical condition. Due to federal laws and regulations, the pharmacy does not sell narcotics or regulated drugs. The maximum order per prescription drug is for 90-day supply of medications.

Currently, the mode of payments accepted by the pharmacy includes major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club and American Express. Shipping is worldwide. The pharmacy ships parcels through Registered Mail and Express Mail Service. Registered mail takes 7-20 days if with tracking ID and 21-28 days if you have no tracking ID. Moreover, Express Mail Service takes 7 days for delivery. Shipping fee was not mentioned.

Following stringent FDA regulations, the pharmacy does not accept product returns. A refund shall not be given if the fault was on the side of the consumer. Moreover, the pharmacy may consider re-shipping if the product was found to be damaged or defective. Customers are advised to call the support team for proper assistance.

Customer support team could be reached at their toll-free hotline +1 (844) 226-6342 or you may leave a message using their website. Reviews

Customer feedbacks were gathered from and it was a combination of good and bad reviews. Testimonials Testimonials

Eric Stone experienced very slow shipping but he was still a bit satisfied with the services provided by the pharmacy. It was in February 2014 when he ordered Viagra tablets and at the same time, got the special deal of 20 free pills per transaction. It took him 3 weeks to receive the order but he said that it was “worth the wait”. Although the product was a generic Sildenafil, it worked just the same with the innovator Viagra and he got the additional 20 extra pills.

On the other hand, Mark Landrum said that is a “scam”. It has been two weeks since he placed his order but he hasn’t received the package. He doubted if the product would still arrive at his mailing address. He advised not to order from this pharmacy because he thinks that it is definitely a scam. Reviews 2016 and were used to gather more data about the authenticity of The said websites found unsatisfactory results for the pharmacy. Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

According to, is a Rogue Pharmacy. It means that the store might have violated some pharmaceutical federal laws and regulations pertaining to the storage, selling, and dispensing medicines using the internet. It is advised to be wary of these kinds of pharmacies. Real Location is Being Hidden Real Location is Being Hidden

Moreover, tagged the website of as a suspicious website. The owner country is hidden but the location is from the United States. Likewise, it was also classified as a Rogue Pharmacy. Thus, we strongly do not recommend transacting from a suspicious website because of the high possibility that it might be a scam and may pose danger to your personal data. Coupon Codes

Although there are no special discounts or deals given by the pharmacy, the cost of the drugs is very affordable. Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offer Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offer

The pharmacy offers free pills and free shipping for their consumers. No further details were posted regarding the mechanics of the said promotions. But, previous customers commented that they really got the free pills after placing their orders. I think that it is a good deal to waive the shipping fee especially if the order is at a minimum. Giving free extra pills will also cut a big chunk from the medication expenses of the client.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy voted as the best online pharmacy for 4 consecutive years. The pharmacy only sells affordable generic medicines from its catalog.

I am giving this online pharmacy 1 out of 5 stars rating. Although it has been voted as the best online pharmacy for several years, customer feedbacks were not satisfactory. There were reports that shipping was delayed or the package did not arrive at all. The pharmacy has a big potential. It provides cheap and affordable generic medicines for the consumers. Also, shipping fee is waived at no minimum order. They also offer extra pills after each transaction. However, and tagged this pharmacy as a Rogue Pharmacy. It has affected the credibility of the website. Currently, products manufactured from India are also deteriorating in quality.

I think that needs to regain its glorious years to be able to gain a good reputation in the industry. It wouldn’t be voted as the best online pharmacy for 4 consecutive years for nothing. They just need to improve more on the customer support team especially regarding deliveries and they would be 5 stars again in no time.

I suggest doing more research, especially for recent customer feedbacks before purchasing medicines from this pharmacy.

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