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Proroid ( is another online vendor with products mostly for bodybuilding enthusiasts. The name of the store and the abs photos all over the website actually give Pro Roid away. The store is alternatively called Steroids Canada, Canadian Steroids, and HGH Canada, all of which are self-coined names by for its online store. According to the information on ProRoids, the store is an authorized distributor of the brands Teragon Labs, Metabolic Pharma, and other known pharmaceutical companies and suppliers of anabolic steroids and similar products. did mention that it provides premium, high-quality steroids in Canada, although it did not state if it operated from the country; however, ProRoid mentioned that it offered domestic shipping for Canada-based clients.

There are a lot of products available on and most of them are anabolic steroids, post and on cycle therapy drugs and products from suppliers such as Northern Pharma, Kinetic International, Metabolic Pharma, and other companies. Besides the steroids products on Pro Roid, the store also has meds for weight loss, hair loss prevention, diuretics, sexual aids, and other general health products. The best-selling products on, however, are Fincar, HCG (Ovigil), Clomid, Testosterone Propionate, Norvotrop HGH, and several other drugs. There was nothing on Pro Roid stating that it requires prescriptions from buyers, so it can be assumed that the shop freely dispenses all its products even without the provision of Rx or any form of written script from the doctors.

I looked for erectile dysfunction meds on and I found several generic products for impotence. However, instead of being greeted by the usual India-made generics, the generic impotence products sold on Pro Roid were also from the steroid manufacturers. Generic Cialis from Northern Pharma (Sials) is sold by at $70 for 30 tablets for the 20 mg variant, while the generic Viagra from the same manufacturer (Viag) is sold at $75 for 30 tablets for the 100 mg variant. There were also impotence meds with no manufacturer information (from India) and products from Teragon Labs and Metabolic Pharma.

ProRoid is unique because unlike the other online steroid vendors, the shop actually took the time to educate its clients on the available payment methods and the shipping info the buyers needs to know. Concerning payments, allows buyers to pay for the orders using Bitcoin, Western Union, and MoneyGram, although the store favors clients paying via Bitcoin by giving them an outright 10% discount for their payments.

In order for the buyers to be able to transact with, they should be able to reach the $100 minimum order amount. Also, the buyers should know that has a peculiar policy for its orders. According to the store, all the products on the shop are in Canadian dollars. However, the final cost of the products are in US dollars and the orders are applied a 25% discount during checkout. For instance, if your order amount is $100 CAD, your final bill will be $75 USD. only ships its products to Canada-located buyers via Canada Xpress Post. The delivery takes only 1 to 3 days and the store charges $18.59 for the shipping, but the shop ships orders totaling $500 and above for free.

No returns are allowed by ProRoids and if Canada Post loses the parcels, according to the store, it’s 100% the buyers’ loss. You can only contact the shop via email, as Pro Roids do not have phone numbers and a business address posted on the website. Reviews

It is rare for online stores to have their own reviews, but the store did have several good reviews available on a forum site for bodybuilding enthusiasts. Most of the commenters for appreciated its service and also recommend that other Canadian buyers procure their supplies from ProRoid. Feedback Feedback

Comments from buyers were positive towards the store and most of them are appreciative for what the store does. Stevejsmith1976, one user, said that Pro Roids has an amazing customer support team; the team was able to help him with his payment issues and his other concerns. This buyer stated that he was able to receive his products in 2 to 3 days and he recommends shopping on

Another client, on the other hand, was not only well-pleased with the reliability and the service rendered by Pro Roids. The client also mentioned that the product he bought from was effective and therefore genuine. Customer Experience Customer Experience

Despite the good reviews for the shop, though, one buyer (with an older comment than everybody else) complained about the products’ ineffectiveness and the lack of response from the seller’s end. replied, though, and said that the buyer blocked the store so he wasn’t able to receive the responses from the online shop.

Even if did have an ugly comment from a buyer, overall, the store had good comments from other buyers. Reviews 2016

Despite the good reviews for, there was a heated discussion between ProRoid, and alleged buyer, and the moderator of The complainant stated that he wasn’t able to receive his order, but the shop contested that his order was shipped ( even posted the shipping details for the buyer). Customer Experience 2016 Customer Experience 2016 was reprimanded for sharing a buyer’s personal contact information, which was forbidden by the forum website. However, ProRoids reasoned out that its admin felt the need to share the identity of the buyer so that other stores may be warned of his activities. According to, the buyer wanted to take products for free and that he ratted out the shop to the police, causing several problems along the way. Feedback 2016 Feedback 2016

Despite this issue, the store appeared to have no problems with the succeeding reviews. The later comments for remained positive and the heated discussion seemed to die down. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are not offered on, but the store offers several buyer discounts such as a 10% off payments when buyers purchase with Bitcoin. Bitcoin 10% Saves Bitcoin 10% Saves

Also, aside from the Bitcoin payment discount, the buyers are also given free shipping when their orders exceed $500. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

Conclusion is one steroids shop with an excellent reputation. If you’ll visit the forum site, you’ll be able to see how the buyers rave about the store being an excellent go-to online shop for steroid and other medical needs. Despite the issues surrounding the site, I still think that Proroid is a good store to consider for steroid needs. For ED meds, however, I think that there are other options. I am giving Pro Roid a rating of 3 out of 5 for its good online reputation based on client reviews from a third-party forum website.

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