Review – Online Store with No Authentic Reviews Main Page Main Page is an online store having offices in both the USA and the UK. The gain of popularity by online stores is bringing a shift of buyers from physical stores to online stores. The demand for shopping medicinal drugs online has also introduced scammers in the market. It is, therefore, necessary for online buyers to review the stores before making transactions online.

Healthcare and Beauty store has been in existence for the last three years, this is according to information on their website. The store has 49 categories of medicine that they sell. The categories include Allergy, Antibiotics, birth controls, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, migraines etc. ED drugs are their bestseller among those categories. ED is a best seller since many people prefer purchasing them online because of their cheap price and privacy. The online store sells both generic and brand medications though they specialize more on generic drugs.

Generic drugs are much cheaper in comparison to their brands. Healthcare and Beauty store sells various ED drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and others. Viagra goes as low as $0.87 per pill for its generic version while its brand version goes for $9.52 per pill. Cialis generic goes for as low as $1.10 while its brand counterpart goes for $10.57 per pill. Levitra another famous ED drug goes for $1.87.

I was very keen to see if drugs are approved by the FDA. Approval by the FDA is necessary for any online store selling drugs. The store sells medications produced in India; therefore, the Indian FDA approves them. They claim that their manufacturers test their products during and after production. This proves that their drugs meet the market requirements for medication drugs production.

Healthcareandbeauty online store accepts Credit card payment such as Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Debit Cards and Discover. They also accept E-check payment and Bank wire transfer. For shipment, they use the following two methods: Trackable Courier Service and International unregistered mail. Courier service takes 7-9 working days for shipment and the shipping cost is 50$ per package. International Unregistered Mail takes 14-21 working days and it costs 10$ per package. Courier services are only limited to Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Belgium while International Unregistered Mail ships worldwide. online pharmacy has a refund policy for delayed deliveries. Deliveries that do not reach within the delivery time stated are either reshipped free of charge or there is a money back guarantee. The site has not stated their refund policy in case of damaged goods or wrongly shipped goods; I believe some of the issues you can enquire during the transaction process. The store does not also allow the return of drugs since no one can guarantee the storage conditions during transportation.

Many online stores are nowadays introducing live support chat. I expected Health Care and Beauty to also have one but was disappointed since they do not have a live support system. Nevertheless, they have the following 24/7 customer support phone lines +44(870)490-06-18 and +1 (866) 503-48-18 for UK and US. Reviews

Reviews are important for an online store like since they help buyers who have not interacted with the platform get to know the kind of services the company offer. In the review below Rachel 39 years old praises Healthcare and Beauty for their high-quality drugs at low prices. Lucy also says the store has the best bargain in the market. Feedback Feedback

The problem I had with the site is that the customer reviews attached here are from the seller’s site and not from independent websites, so there is a huge chance that buyers can be compromised by the store to provoke selling of the products by deceiving the customer. Such activities are termed as fraud and should not be allowed. Buyers should, therefore, beware from transacting with such a company. Reviews 2017

Checking on Health Care and Beauty website 2017 reviews Helen thanks them for fast delivery of her products, and comments how her sexual appetite has improved after using their drugs. The same applies to Eva and Dianne they all are giving positive feedbacks to the site. Feedback 2017 Feedback 2017

But I still find the same challenge in 2017 of a website that does their own reviews and does not consider reviews from other independent websites. It is also logical that no company can only have positive reviews without even a single negative review. Coupon Codes

I love coupons and discounts so much. I was very anxious for this part to see what had to offer. Coupons are important since they attract customers to the site, and they also help customers save some dollars. Discount Offers Discount Offers

The online company has free air shipping for its clients. Though I believe, there is some certain amount that I need to shop for me to qualify for this coupon. They are also having a 5% discount for all purchases made. If interested in the discount you had better rush since the offer is also limited and they might remove it any moment.

Conclusion from afar may look like a company worth trusting 100%. The company drugs are FDA approved offering both generic and brand drugs at affordable prices. Their shipping system seems to be reliable. They have payment systems that are secure and widely used. The company also offers free shipping for goods purchased and there I a 5% discount offer for its clients. However, the online company has no reviews from other independent sites. The only reviews they have are selected few from their site that favor them. Such kind of practice is fraud placed to hoodwink customers and should not be condoned. I would, therefore, give Healthcare and Beauty a rating of 2 out of 5. Personally, I would not waste my time shopping with them but would go ahead to look for another store.

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