Evroshipping.com Review – Online Pharmacy to Stay away from!

Evroshipping.com Main Page
Evroshipping.com Main Page

With a tagline saying “you won’t find a better deal than us”, Evroshipping.com is known for their cheap medicines, discounted drugs, and free shipping. For returning customers, an additional 15% is also up for grab.

Evroshipping.com has been around since 2009. The website looks so cluttered with so many information to show except its main office or location. The only clue they provided is that this is a “US online pharmacy” hence my conclusion is, it is operating in the US. With a wide assortment of medicines available for shipping worldwide, their homepage mostly shows ED drugs such as Viagra, Kamagra, Levitra, and Cialis for sale.

With my need to refill my Viagra prescription, I checked the affordable ED medicines they offer. A generic Viagra tab costs $0.64 while a generic Cialis costs $1.10. This is one of the cheapest prices available online. A generic Levitra pill costs $1.30 while a generic Kamagra costs $1.48. All ED drugs are generic and are blow $2 from this website. This means big savings for anyone like me who buys ED drugs regularly.

Evroshipping.com didn’t say if their drugs are FDA approved. On their homepage, they have a seal that says “Quality Guarantee” and “Top Quality Guarantee”. It doesn’t say though where the seals did come from or if it means anything.

When ordering, customers can pay for their order using their credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. One thing I noticed on this website is the “Money Back Guarantee” offer they have. It says that in any case if a customer is not happy with the drug they receive, they will issue a refund instantly. In addition, Evroshipping.com takes pride with their safe and secure ordering system as they use GeoTrust and McAfee Secure systems. This is something to look forward since I will be giving my credit card information here.

Evroshipping.com is proud to offer their “guaranteed worldwide shipping for free”. Orders shipped are expected to arrive within 30 days. Their worldwide shipping has two methods, EMS and Registered Air Mail Delivery. EMS shipping method takes 14 days for the order to be delivered, in addition to 4-day processing time. EMS method is trackable and is available in 190 countries worldwide. Registered Air Mail Delivery takes 21 days for the order to arrive, in addition to the 4-day processing time.

Lost orders are reshipped at no additional cost. Customers with lost orders can call their 24/7 support hotline at 866 871 1207. Evroshipping.com doesn’t refund or replace prescription medicines. Refunds and reshipping of lost order don’t apply to customers who gave an incorrect address.

In case you want to ask more information about the medicine you are purchasing, you can also contact Evroshipping.com through their contact form. I used the form to ask if their drugs they offer are actually FDA approved.

Evroshipping.com Contact Form
Evroshipping.com Contact Form

This message though didn’t receive a reply.

Evroshipping.com Reviews

As I further check Evroshipping.com, I found some good testimonials on their main page. In addition to the testimonials, there are reviews about Evroshipping.com on third party websites as well. The reviews though are the same across other websites, making me wonder if these were copied and pasted from one site to another.

Evroshipping.com Consumers Report
Evroshipping.com Consumers Report

Rupert from Toronto was thankful of the site’s fast delivery. With the package being delivered on time, he no longer had to refill his prescription from their local pharmacy where the drug was more expensive. With his savings, Rupert gave the site 5/5 star rating.

Dan from Sydney, Australia gave evroshipping.com 4/5 because of the number of ED drugs he can choose from. It seems like Dan was experimenting at the time and was looking for the best ED drug that will work for him.

As for Daniel from South Africa, he seemed to be happy and satisfied with the service he received from evroshipping.com yet he only gave it 3/5 stars. He even asked the online pharmacy to keep up their good work.

Despite the different ratings given by these three customers, the content of their reviews was the same – evroshipping.com is reliable, has fast delivery and can be trusted online pharmacy. The reviewers’ information were all good yet I find it odd that these reviews appeared on other review sites as well.

Evroshipping.com Reviews 2016

According to legitscript, Evroshipping.com didn’t meet the qualifications of an internet pharmacy hence it is being tagged as “Rogue Website”. With this tag, it means that this site can be fraudulent and its operation is a scam.

Evroshipping.com Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy
Evroshipping.com Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

If you are looking for a genuine online pharmacy to fill your prescription and allows you to have some savings, then it is not Evroshipping.com.

A further check using scamadviser.com shows that this website is unsafe as it can be in Germany, a high-risk country. This is just an assumption though because the location of Evroshipping.com seems to be hidden under layers and layers of servers.

Evroshipping.com Trust Rating
Evroshipping.com Trust Rating

Despite being unsafe, Evroshipping.com only has 51% risk. It means that if you are desperate to get your refill at the lowest cost possible, you can go ahead and purchase from this site and hope for the best!

Evroshipping.com Coupon Codes

What would make a buyer purchase from an online pharmacy they haven’t heard about? Promotions! Promotions play an important role in order to lure potential customers and Evroshipping.com has taken advantage of this technique.

Evroshipping.com Free Pills Offer
Evroshipping.com Free Pills Offer

For this coupon, a customer purchasing 60 tabs of Viagra pills can now get 10 more for free. For someone who prefers cheap Viagra medicines, getting 10 more for free is indeed a big thing.


Among the things that make evroshipping.com a great online pharmacy is the price of the medicines they offer, their free worldwide shipping and their money back guarantee policy. Although there are rules to qualify for the money back guarantee policy, I would say the rules are acceptable.

The only things I worry about ordering from evroshipping.com is the quality of the medicines they offer. Their website doesn’t say whether these medicines are FDA-approved. Are these drugs safe to use? Where are they getting it? Where is it manufactured? These are among the questions I have about their drugs, questions that remained unanswered because their support team has not responded to my query yet.

Since quality means safety, I think it is best to stay away from evroshipping.com at the moment. I won’t be trusting a company that cannot say where they are getting the medicine they are selling. I am awarding evroshipping.com 2 out of 5 stars.

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