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Today I’m going to talk about a 10-year old online pharmacy known as This portal is connected to Candrug, a local pharmacy located in Canada, and to a bunch of other physical pharmacies spread in every corner of the world (Australia, UK, New Zealand, United States, Mauritius, and Turkey). With this affiliation, Canada Pharmacy Online has built a strong network of clients-drugstores, allowing to cater high-quality meds at the best rates over the internet.

I was enthusiastic to read that Canada Pharmacy online belongs to a list of limited accredited internet pharmacies by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). Such licensing together with an approval by strongly tranquilizes me regarding the safeness of the store. In Canada Pharmacy Online I’m able to get both generics and brand-name meds from only FDA-approved manufacturers. The website is quite informative as it gives me a vast information about the products side effects, pricing, and other details.

Of course, that pricing is very important to me. Finding my meds at low rates is the main reason why I look for online pharmacies. is capable of dispensing many different drugs to treat several medical disorders, including erectile dysfunction, depression, asthma, and arthritis. One pill of Pfizer’s Viagra will cost me $12.75 and is shipped directly from Turkey. Canada Pharmacy Online offers other more affordable options for erectile dysfunction like Cialis (Lilly) at a rate of $4.9 per tablet.

The drugs market as “Rx” can only be obtained upon submission of a valid prescription, so consumers should always have it before trying to order the meds. The company will ship the meds for an extra fee of $10 per order to everywhere in the world. I can pay for medication using Visa, MasterCard, and eCheck.

Customer service can be contacted via phone or e-mail exclusively. Damaged or missing orders should also be reported to the company to ensure consumers will get their respective refunds or reshipment. Reviews

I prefer to buy my medicines on stores cherished by consumers. And let’s face it: a pharmacy is just as good as its customers’ reviews. has some fans over the world but also disappointed some clients. The online reviews are mixed. In average, consumers rate Canada Pharmacy Online as a 3/5 e-shop. I’ll present four different opinions from the 35 reviews available on independent websites.

On March 2015, user dkla awarded Canada Pharmacy Online a 3/5 due to its “good inventory” but not accepting “visa or amex”.

Jimbony shared his experience with this pharmacy. This consumer tells us he already placed “almost 20 orders” with Canada Pharmacy Online and was “completely satisfied” with the products and the service every single time.

On January 2015, a consumer expressed his dissatisfaction with the store. His prescription drug was stuck in Germany for over one month and the customer service wasn’t helpful. This user described Canada Pharmacy Online service as “horrible” and doesn’t understand why the store is “certified”.

User Sophist has a mixed opinion regarding this e-shop. In one hand, she ordered drugs in August 2014 and was “very satisfied”. However, when she tried to refill her existing prescription but was rejected. Moreover, this consumer is upset with the no-Visa credit cards policy. At the end, Sophist described this pharmacy as “troubled”. Reviews Reviews Reviews 2016

I performed a scam analysis on to be sure of how trustworthy this pharmacy actually is.

Like the previous reviews, the analysis result is also mixed. In fact, based only on the results provided by Scam tools, I’d say Canada Pharmacy Online isn’t the best place to buy my meds from.

Scam Adviser is suspicious about this e-drugstore. The tool detected Canada Pharmacy Online as a US-based store. Whilst popular, Canada Pharmacy Online was reported once to contain malware in its website, thus the safety of my data may be severely compromised. Trust Rating Trust Rating

On a much worse tone, Legit Script recommended me to stay away from Canada Pharmacy Online. According to Legit Script, the pharmacy is a rogue and isn’t meeting the standard requirements necessary to be an accredited e-drugstore. At least I reliably know that some consumers got their meds and never had a fuss with Canada Pharmacy online. Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Coupon Codes

I’m not looking at Canada Pharmacy Online’s reputation fondly. The shop clearly has some issues with the delivery and can’t always guarantee total client satisfaction. I have to see what else can offer to convince me to try to get my meds from here. Naturally, I searched for extra discounts or coupon codes, only to come up with nothing.

Canada Pharmacy Online is not giving any kind of discounts or coupon codes to its clients, thus I have no other saving money option. As far as I know, the company doesn’t even do flash sales or special seasonal discounts. The prices are the same and won’t change. This is something the company’s marketing team should try to fix as it would improve Canada Pharmacy’s client portfolio.

Conclusion looks like a pharmacy with severe operational delays. I will start by saying that I don’t believe the company is a scam. In fact, many consumers never encountered a problem with this company and are quite happy with the results. Yet, much more dealt with the hassle of a delayed delivery and a non-supportive consumer support. Canada Pharmacy Online status has been declining over the years and the company must regain its strength and trust among consumers.

If you are not in a hurry to buy your meds, then you can proceed. Otherwise, this store isn’t the best match for now. I’m awarding a final score of 3 out of 5.

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